Golden Services

Our business model was shaped with a YOU-first focus making each one of our professionals the epicenter of our success.

If you succeed, everyONE wins! 24/7 Support so that you have
the work – life balance you deserve.

Golden Services

Our business model was shaped with a YOU-first focus making each one of our professionals the epicenter of our success.

If you succeed, everyONE wins! 24/7 Support so that you have
the work – life balance you deserve.

Broker Support

You have questions, we have answers!

In-House Transaction
Coordination Services

Let us handle the paperwork so you can sell more!

  • Full time TC Team
  • Multi Office Support
  • SkySlope Technology
  • Contract, Inspections, Financing/Appraisal
  • Title/ Escrow
  • Before & After Closing Support

Health Insurance for
R.E. Professionals

A brokerage built by agents for agents. We understand the struggle of finding health insurance for the self-employed. That’s why Realty ONE Group Eminence has partnered with Clearwater offering affordable, high-quality health benefits with up to 20% discount and multiple plan options so everyONE can have mental peace while getting covered if something happens and focusing on driving sales production up.

Those looking to get the best support with a “golden glove” service look at our packages of service designed to support your busy days while allowing you to focus on what you do best: sales!

Start Up Package

  • Order new business cards
  • Order Sign Package
  • Create an “I’ve Moved” graphic for social media and emails
  • Update Zillow, Realtor.com, and other platforms
  • Rebrand Facebook and other social media platforms
  • Setup profile and add client contacts if agent is using company provided CRM
  • Verify changes have been made to Paragon

Basic Listing Package

This package starts at the retrieval of your executed listing documents

  • Audit listing paperwork
  • Order professional photos
  • Pre open escrow and request prelim
  • Create listing in Skyslope
  • Create partial on the MLS

Gold Listing Package

All items in the basic listing package PLUS

  • Write listing remarks to be included on the MLS
  • Create “Just Listed” “Just Sold” digital ads
  • Print and mail to 100 nearest neighbors a “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” postcards.
  • Verify home is showing on RenoNVHomefinder.com, Zillow and Realtor.com
  • Install and retrieve sign and lockbox at the home
  • Create an email with marketing efforts that can be passed from agent to seller

Transaction Coordination Services

  • Open transaction in Skyslope
  • Send client disclosures
  • Order inspections
  • Order home warranty
  • Communicate with all involved parties
  • Manage timelines

A La Carte

  • Prepare closing gift for buyers sellers
  • Sign and lock box installation
  • Sign and lock box retrieval
  • Sign and lockbox installation AND retrieval
  • Order signs package
  • Order Sign Riders
  • Order pre-listing home inspection (inspector to bill agent directly)
  • Order business cards

A new way to do luxury, by Realty ONE Group International

A new way to do luxury, by Realty ONE Group International

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Feel like a ROCKSTAR!

Mignon Lagatta

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I’ve been a licensed Realtor for almost 10 years and this is my third Brokerage. What I love about Realty One Group Eminence is the agent culture and the Broker, Ryan Borden. The agent culture is one of support and sharing that I’ve not experienced at the prior two brokerages I was with. In addition, Ryan is by far the most present and supportive Broker I’ve worked with. His open door approach to his Brokerage instills a sense of partnership and support that is, I believe, rare in the industry. Whether you are a new agent or one that is seasoned, I would highly recommend ROG Eminence. You will not be disappointed!

Katie McArdle

Realty ONE Group Eminence

This brokerage is definately one that I am proud to be a part of! As a realtor that has been in the business for a while now in the Reno/Sparks area, I know that this is the ONE and only place to go for all your real estate needs!

Kim Scivally

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I recently made the change and now wish I had done it much sooner! Realty ONE Group Eminence has been a positive step forward in my career. A friendly work environment along with qualified staff and a great broker. Glad to be a part of this work family!

Gary Smith

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I had thought I was working at the company with the best training and the best leverage for a real estate agent to perform and receive as much of their commission as possible. I was wrong, but thankfully now am at the best place for my training and my paycheck! RealtyOne rocks!

Tina Reynoso

Realty ONE Group Eminence

Ryan Borden is amazing. Kind, intelligent and always picks up the phone and is ready to help. The staff are genuinely good people who are positive and fun to work with. Take all that away and my word, the commission splits are crazy good. Why anyone would go anywhere else is a mystery to me 🙂 thanks Ryan and Heather Jenny and Jen and Kimberly. You guys make work fun! And our agents are awesome.

Jackie Meza

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I have been at Realty ONE Group Eminence for about 5 months now. It was the best decision I could have ever made. when I meant with Ryan, I was able to see right there and then how he stands by his values, how he genuinely wanted me to succeed. Thanks to Him and Realty One Group Eminence, I was able to leave my 8-5 and fully dedicate myself to what I love… Real Estate!!!! Thank you so much Ryan for the opportunity!

Beth Smiddy

Realty ONE Group Eminence

As a newer agent I have appreciated the personal concern and attention given to me at Realty ONE Group Eminence. Ryan Borden has a constant presence at the Office and will always stop what he’s doing to chat or give advice even with the heavy load he carries as the Broker. The Escrow team also at the Office though busy will take the time to help and advise as well as keep all transactions on schedule. The Office is beautiful and inviting and I look forward to meeting my clients there in the future when we’ve come to the end of this pandemic.


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