Real estate is flooded with many who claim to be unique or special, but Realty ONE Group continues to stand out.





It’s not just ONE thing, it’s the combination of the business model, Coolture, platform, training and support tools that empower you and your business to grow.


It’s the best
of both worlds.

We define ourselves as a Full Service real Estate Brokerage with a great commission structure.

From broker support and coaching to the latest real estate tech and tools, to our 100% commission model, our professionals are equipped with everything to take their business to the next level without sharing their hard earned money.

Empowerment starts
with technology

A proven formula for succccccess

ONE simple fee structure
No splits, no junk fees, no surprises
Low annual fee cap

Inspiring a Coolture
EveryONE has a voice
ONE Family
Rewards Program

Team Creation & Development
Business Tools
Business Planning

Efficient back office to help & support you

International/global exposure
for your listings
High-impact marketing
zONE business efficiency & intelligence

Making a positive impact in the communities where we live, work & play

Don’t take our word for it,
take it from other colleagues

Mignon Lagatta

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I’ve been a licensed Realtor for almost 10 years and this is my third Brokerage. What I love about Realty One Group Eminence is the agent culture and the Broker, Ryan Borden. The agent culture is one of support and sharing that I’ve not experienced at the prior two brokerages I was with. In addition, Ryan is by far the most present and supportive Broker I’ve worked with. His open door approach to his Brokerage instills a sense of partnership and support that is, I believe, rare in the industry. Whether you are a new agent or one that is seasoned, I would highly recommend ROG Emnence. You will not be disappointed!

Jon Hughes

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I came to this brokerage for the quality of the leadership, to have the peace of mind and confidence of working with others who truly care about the people and agents, not the dollars. For positive beliefs, culture, equality and opportunity, there is no one who has been more consistent in the way they lead and the support they give than Ryan.

Katie McArdle

Realty ONE Group Eminence

This brokerage is definately one that I am proud to be a part of! As a realtor that has been in the business for a while now in the Reno/Sparks area, I know that this is the ONE and only place to go for all your real estate needs!

Kim Scivally

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I recently made the change and now wish I had done it much sooner! Realty ONE Group Eminence has been a positive step forward in my career. A friendly work environment along with qualified staff and a great broker. Glad to be a part of this work family!

Alexandra Cleary

Realty ONE Group Eminence

This company offers so much more than just a real estate firm it’s like an actual family we all work together as agents to make transactions smoother and to help our local community with purchasing and selling of homes. our owner/broker has a passion to be here to support us and encourage us to do better! I never thought I could push my business to the next level but I’m doing it now And opening more opportunity for my future in Real Estate. Come see what your missing in this great company we’re the only ones to grow your business with! Realty One Group Eminence.

After 15 years in the local market I finally found a company that offers so much more with all the latest technology and office staff and support to guide you to the next level! Thank You Ryan Borden!

Kevin Kalinske

Realty ONE Group Eminence

Ryan Borden is a great guy and an awesome Broker to work for. It’s exciting that he brought the “Realty One” brokerage to Reno. After 13+ years in business, I’m finally working with a Brokerage that fits the way I do business and treats Realtors well. Thank you Ryan & Heather!!!

Gary Smith

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I had thought I was working at the company with the best training and the best leverage for a real estate agent to perform and receive as much of their commission as possible. I was wrong, but thankfully now am at the best place for my training and my paycheck! RealtyOne rocks!

Denise Stuart

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I love working at Realty One Group Eminence. My business was going nowhere and as soon as I made the move business picked up. Ryan is very responsive when I have questions, and is genuinely interested in my business. The office team is amazing, and always eager to help. It truly is like working with family.

Locally Owned and Operated

A brick-and-mortar location designed for our professionals to work, network, and train. There is nothing “virtual” about Realty ONE Group Eminence.


5325 Reno Corporate Drive
Reno NV 89511
**On the corner of Barron Way and Corporate Drive.
o: 775.683.3360


2310 South Carson Street
Carson City NV



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