The ONE Exclusive system represents a revolutionary approach in the Real Estate industry, offering a unique, end-to-end, plug and play solution for agents. Designed to address the evolving landscape of real estate, it provides unparalleled support and resources to agents.

Why One Exclusive?

In today’s competitive Real Estate market, challenges like lead generation, marketing, adapting to market demands, and mastering Real Estate tech platforms are prevalent. The ONE Exclusive system offers a comprehensive support system that simplifies technology adoption and streamlines business processes, investing in the success of our agents.

What We Offer

  • Business planning and individualized support
  • Administrative task management
  • Robust lead generation services
  • Closing services for streamlined transactions
  • Access to our quick close cash buyer program
  • Advanced technology with Lofty CRM, homeIQ, and others
  • Done for you Social and digital marketing strategies
  • Highest quality marketing materials
  • Leverage needed for your business
  • Coaching and accountability
  • Creation of systems and procedures
  • A system designed to help agents create their own unique business and identity

Who We are looking for

  • Highly driven, with a proven track record
  • Willing to put in the work to achieve greatness
  • Willing to engage in the process
  • Have no interest in drama
  • Tech-savvy and adaptable to new tools and platforms
  • Eager to grow their business and personal brand
  • Capable of leveraging their existing database effectively
  • Coachable and willing to be held accountable
  • Looking for a partnership that enhances their independence and unique identity

How it works

  • Empowering agents to fully utilize their existing databases
  • Providing strong marketing and tech support
  • Generating high-quality, convertible leads with a focus on sellers
  • Offering unique tools and platforms for a competitive edge

Technology and tools

  • Lofty CRM and lead management
  • HomeIQ for property valuation and market insights
  • Social and digital marketing strategies
  • Realty ONE Group’s exclusive online bidding platform
  • Tools for creating high-quality marketing materials
  • Many additional lead generation tools and tactics


Our comprehensive process covers everything from pre-listing to post-sale activities, ensuring a seamless experience for both agents and clients. It aims to help agents create the best possible client experience, ensuring top-tier service that results in future business and referrals.

Phase 1: Deep Dive into Current Business Operations

  • Business Analysis: Conduct a thorough review of the agent’s current business operations, including transaction history, client management strategies, and marketing techniques.
  • Goal Setting: Establish clear, measurable goals based on the analysis to guide the agent’s growth and development within the ONE Exclusive system

Phase 2: Professional Branding

  • Professional Headshots: Arrange for new, high-quality professional headshots to ensure a polished and consistent brand image.
  • Biography Update: Assist in crafting an updated biography that reflects the agent’s experience, expertise, and unique value proposition.
  • Business cards, Email Signature, Signs: Enhance branding across all physical and digital materials.

Phase 3: Sales Tools Enhancement

  • CRM Setup: Set up CRM and integrated tools. Import existing database. Create appropriate tags for all leads. Set up all leads on appropriate campaigns. This will be a joint effort between agent and staff.
  • Website Creation: Set up Lofty website and create unique URL
  • Lead Generation: Set up on lead generation platforms.
  • Buyers Presentation Development: Create an individualized buyers presentation, incorporating the agent’s personal brand and the ONE Exclusive model’s unique selling points.
  • PreListing Presentation Creation: Develop a compelling listing presentation that showcases the
    agent’s expertise and the advantages of working with Realty ONE Group Eminence.

Phase 4: Examination of Social Footprint

  • Social Media Audit: Evaluate the agent’s existing social media presence, including platforms used, content quality, and audience engagement. Make appropriate changes. This is ongoing.
  • Digital Audit: Evaluate digital footprint across all applicable sites. Make appropriate changes. This is ongoing

Phase 5: Ongoing Coaching and Accountability

  • Regular Coaching Sessions: Provide ongoing coaching sessions focusing on sales techniques, market trends, and personal development.
  • Accountability Measures: Implement accountability strategies to ensure agents are on track to meet their business goals and making the most of the ONE Exclusive model.

Phase 6: Ongoing Operational Support

After Phase 5 of the ONE Exclusive system, the ongoing support provided to agents is meticulously designed to ensure they have continuous access to resources, guidance, Leverage, and tools necessary for their success. This support structure is built on a foundation of comprehensive operational assistance, advanced technological integration, consistent lead generation, and a commitment to fostering long-term relationships between agents and their clients.

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The ONE Exclusive system at Realty ONE Group Eminence is a groundbreaking approach, offering unmatched support and resources to Real Estate agents. It represents an investment in our agents’ success, enabling them to build and maintain their unique business and identity in the Real Estate market.

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