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Joloyce Egbert

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I can’t begin you to tell what a difference from my previous brokerage … 180-degree difference! The brokerage believes in doing everything for their agents so they can be successful, even the agents on board are cordial and want the best for each and are so willing to share. It feels like your family wanting the best for you. Great camaraderie!!! There is so much training it’s like being a kid in a candy store…what to choose first! There are online trainings, in house training with local companies letting you know new products are coming, ROG that has soooo ….soooo many tools for the agent. Today was our monthly meeting and we will be getting more tools that will help those of us that rely on social media to generate leads and it is another freebie!!. I can’t say enough great things about Realty ONE Group. My attitude has changed and become positive again and my business is turning around. The atmosphere is relaxed, but serious business is going on. I am so excited to be able to offer my clients the VERY BEST and excited to be with the VERY BEST COMPANY Realty ONE Group.

Caren Wurzer

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I am so blessed to be here! I always look forward to coming in to the office and interacting with all you awesome people! Everyone is so helpful, caring and genuinely want you to succeed.

Kim Scivally

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I recently made the change and now wish I had done it much sooner! Realty ONE Group Eminence has been a positive step forward in my career. A friendly work environment along with qualified staff and a great broker. Glad to be a part of this work family!

Sharon Ellis

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I have been a realtor since 2006 and I have never worked for a more well run and hands on brokerage. Ryan Borden is not a behind the scenes broker. He genuinely cares about each and every agent in our office and is always available to help us navigate the ever changing real estate market. Ryan provides us with the current information, training and tools we need as agents. He provides each of us with the personal support and guidance needed to build a successful business. Our experienced and friendly support staff is always ready to assist our agents and clients. I am grateful and blessed to be part of such an amazing real estate organization.

Jackie Meza

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I have been at Realty One for about 5 months now. It was the best decision I could have ever made. when I meant with Ryan, I was able to see right there and then how he stands by his values, how he genuinely wanted me to succeed. Thanks to Him and Realty One Group Eminence, I was able to leave my 8-5 and fully dedicate my self to what I love… Real Estate!!!! Thank you so much Ryan for the opportunity!

Shana Sawyer

Realty ONE Group Eminence

Realty One Group and Ryan are absolutely the best office and firm to work with, along with the staff. The amount of online classes and the various other perks are amazing, and much more than I have seen with any other company. Additionally, we keep the majority of our commissions, while also having a nice office with a feeling of being part of a “Team.”

Nikki Simmons

Realty ONE Group Eminence

Realty ONE Group Eminence offers different benefits for you and your Clients. I have enjoyed the freedom of running my business with professional support from the staff and our transaction coordinator. All apps are available on ONEsite along with a tutorial to get you through any services. Did I mention 100% commission model!!! Best move for me and my Clients. Thanks Ryan!!!


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