You can have your cake and eat it too!

Simple, easy and transparent with no hidden fees. Our compensation package is geared to maximize the economic benefits to you. Achieve greater success faster, only at Realty ONE Group.

You Win At ONE!

$700 Per Transaction**. $165 Month. Low Cap.

A low monthly fee gives you access to all the tools, systems, support, office, and coolture.
Then, you pay as you produce with a very competitive low fee per transaction*.

*Up to $400,000 in sales price See ICA for details

More than a check, this is about winning!

We have created an interactive tool for you to see how much money you are leaving behind in each transaction.

You deserve to have it all. More money, more time, more tools, more support and more WOW from your brand. At Realty ONE Group, our YOU-first focus means you get all of it and you could keep more money. How much more? Let us show you.

Legal Disclaimer: Realty ONE Group is committed to providing services and commissions that enhance the careers of our business professionals. Please note that the information and figures presented in this document are hypothetical and intended for educational purposes. Figures may vary by location and are subject to change. Realty ONE Group is not making any claims or guarantees as to income you may earn. Please do not assume that you will earn the income figures depicted herein. Contact your nearest Realty ONE Group office for further information.

Free Private

For a limited time, get a private consultation with our Designated Broker. It’s zero compromise and totally confidential.

More money means more marketing budget for your business!

Sharon Ellis

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I have been a realtor since 2006 and I have never worked for a more well run and hands on brokerage. Ryan Borden is not a behind the scenes broker. He genuinely cares about each and every agent in our office and is always available to help us navigate the ever changing real estate market. Ryan provides us with the current information, training and tools we need as agents. He provides each of us with the personal support and guidance needed to build a successful business. Our experienced and friendly support staff is always ready to assist our agents and clients. I am grateful and blessed to be part of such an amazing real estate organization.

Jackie Meza

Realty ONE Group Eminence

I have been at Realty One for about 5 months now. It was the best decision I could have ever made. when I meant with Ryan, I was able to see right there and then how he stands by his values, how he genuinely wanted me to succeed. Thanks to Him and Realty One Group Eminence, I was able to leave my 8-5 and fully dedicate my self to what I love… Real Estate!!!! Thank you so much Ryan for the opportunity!

Joloyce Egbert-Palmer

Realty ONE Group Eminence

Realty ONE Group Eminence is an amazing place to work with a family atmosphere, where agents offer support and share their experiences. Stepping into the office is like a home away from home. Heather always has our office beautifully decorated, warm, and inviting for us and our clients.

Our broker, Ryan is the best! – Passionate about real estate and readily available with helpful advice. He always asks how your business is doing and what other avenues you could use to achieve more. Realty One Group Eminence has amazing tools to help agents bring it all together. The support staff always friendly and helpful. What a great place to work! If you are looking to advance your business, this is the place to be!

Stephanie Orona

Realty ONE Group Eminence

As a new agent, Realty One Group Eminence has exceeded my expectations in such a short time working there. The office is filled with TONS of helpful agents and staff members making it so comfortable to be able to ask anyone questions I may not already know. Also, working in an environment with information easily accessible is a great tool to have in a brokerage. Great culture provides all the tools needed to succeed. I’m beyond thankful to have found Realty One and all the family that comes with it!

Shana Sawyer

Realty ONE Group Eminence

Realty One Group and Ryan are absolutely the best office and firm to work with, along with the staff. The amount of online classes and the various other perks are amazing, and much more than I have seen with any other company. Additionally, we keep the majority of our commissions, while also having a nice office with a feeling of being part of a “Team.”

Nikki Simmons

Realty ONE Group Eminence

Realty ONE Group Eminence offers different benefits for you and your Clients. I have enjoyed the freedom of running my business with professional support from the staff and our transaction coordinator. All apps are available on ONEsite along with a tutorial to get you through any services. Did I mention 100% commission model!!! Best move for me and my Clients. Thanks Ryan!!!

Karen Degney

Realty ONE Group Eminence

Absolutely wonderful company. Great staff!! Super supportive. It is truly a family atmosphere. They care about their agents and their clients.

Katie Frederick

Realty ONE Group Eminence

Realty ONE Group Eminence here in Reno has the best culture. It is a professional and respectful environment with great support all around. I only have positive things to say about this brokerage!


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